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February 9, 2007

yahoo awards


copped a feel of the yahoo awards we won today… they’re kind of cool and pretty big.
the awards were for ‘‘. winner of ‘best website in its category’ and ‘peoples choice’.
still mightily chuffed! 🙂


January 18, 2007

‘UNUSUAL SUSPECTS’… PROOST looking to find young creatives!

click on image for full size poster.

jonny baker and i (aka PROOST) are relaunching Proost later this year. one of the things we are looking to put on our new download site is the work of young and unknown creatives, (‘UNUSUAL SUSPECTS‘). below is the description of what kind of people we are looking for… if you know anyone who fits the bill, get this information to them.

Are you under 25 years old?

Are you a creative person in need of an outlet?

Proost is looking for unknown creatives to produce work for its new download site.
The new site will produce monthly downloads of creative resources for youth groups,
churches and individuals.

Proost produces 3 types of downloadable resource… AUDIO VISUAL, RECORDED MUSIC and BOOKS.
We are looking for young unknown poets, writers, illustrators, animators, film makers, music producers, fine artists, cartoonists etc. to present us with their ideas for media for our download site. If we like the idea, then you will be asked to make your piece of work. maybe a short film, a set of poems meditations or cartoons, a set of illustrations or music tracks…
The idea/s you present to us will be geared towards helping people in their spiritual journey. They will have an earthy reality to them not a churchy religiousness

If your work is selected to go on the site, you will be paid on a royalty basis.

There will also be a really great prize for the best piece of work produced by an UNUSUAL SUSPECT…
watch this space for more details on that one!

At Greenbelt 2007 Proost will be relaunching its website and we will use the event to promote and
showcase the UNUSUAL SUSPECTS.

Send an outline of your ideas and a brief biography to
Visit our current website at

PROOST, inspiring new resources that fuel faith.

our cowforce website also wins ‘yahoo’ peoples choice award!


great news for me and mike phillips of ‘paperhorse’, the sites designer (i provided character design and the sites animations).
very chuffed about this indeed! 🙂
a BIG THANKYOU to everyone who voted!

January 8, 2007

5 star wins yahoo award

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great news for me and mike phillips of ‘paperhorse’, the sites designer (i provided character design and the sites animations).
in 2006 this site was given five stars in ‘internet user’ magazine… now it has won the ‘yahoo, website find of the year’ in it’s category.
me and mike are dead chuffed! the client, the charity ‘send a cow’, as you can imagine, are stoked!
you can vote this website ‘peoples choice’ by going to and clicking the link at the top of the page.
this site is a great example of keeping the characters really simple. budget limitations and time constraints have lead to the character designs and animations being minimal and direct. but, i hope you will agree, this has in no way reduced the impact and value of experiencing the site. infact, the site probarbly works all the better for this simple approach.
see what you think.

January 7, 2007

my website


although it is well out of date, my website will give you clues as to some of my work background and experience.
when time allows i will update this site, but i still think it’s worth a look.

12 stations

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i love my work sometimes.
these are characters developed for a ‘stations of the cross’ art exhibition…
they have since been developed into a 3 minute movie called ’12 stations’… this will be downloadable from PROOST later this year. i will upload a few stills from the movie when i get a moment.

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