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April 30, 2011


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April 6, 2011

ASBO Jesus merchandise store NOW ONLINE!!!

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I’m happy to announce that the ASBO Jesus store is now online and active.

A good few tee shirt designs are already up, but there are many more to come over the next days and weeks.

If there is something specific you want I can try and give it priority treatment… just let me know in the comments if you have a favourite to be t-shirted and I’ll do my best.

The store is here…


October 15, 2007

New site

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March 21, 2007

naked pastor

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he’s a pastor (an honest one) and his cartoons are simple and raw (if not naked!)

March 6, 2007

new blog

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i’ve decided to run a new blog alongside this one… it’s called ‘asbo jesus‘. it’s a sort of dumping ground for non-commercial pieces of work… mainly stuff to do with church one way or another… just simple graphical stuff to get the occasional idea down in some form.

February 13, 2007

tv spots

Filed under: Uncategorized — jonbirch @ 12:42 am got local tv coverage today throughout the day as a result of the yahoo awards.
the animations came over pretty well on the box and the kids who were interviewed gave the site a big thumbs up.
it’s not often you see this kind of feedback… once again, chuffed! 🙂
click here to watch the report for yourself.

January 31, 2007

love those bunnies!

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thanks to stateside friends karen and robin for this link. is a great flash cartoon site.

it features cartoon bunnies doing 30 second renditions of well know movies… from casablanca to reservoir dogs… brilliant!
all the good stuff with none of the dull padding in between… a lesson in tight story telling!

January 18, 2007

‘UNUSUAL SUSPECTS’… PROOST looking to find young creatives!

click on image for full size poster.

jonny baker and i (aka PROOST) are relaunching Proost later this year. one of the things we are looking to put on our new download site is the work of young and unknown creatives, (‘UNUSUAL SUSPECTS‘). below is the description of what kind of people we are looking for… if you know anyone who fits the bill, get this information to them.

Are you under 25 years old?

Are you a creative person in need of an outlet?

Proost is looking for unknown creatives to produce work for its new download site.
The new site will produce monthly downloads of creative resources for youth groups,
churches and individuals.

Proost produces 3 types of downloadable resource… AUDIO VISUAL, RECORDED MUSIC and BOOKS.
We are looking for young unknown poets, writers, illustrators, animators, film makers, music producers, fine artists, cartoonists etc. to present us with their ideas for media for our download site. If we like the idea, then you will be asked to make your piece of work. maybe a short film, a set of poems meditations or cartoons, a set of illustrations or music tracks…
The idea/s you present to us will be geared towards helping people in their spiritual journey. They will have an earthy reality to them not a churchy religiousness

If your work is selected to go on the site, you will be paid on a royalty basis.

There will also be a really great prize for the best piece of work produced by an UNUSUAL SUSPECT…
watch this space for more details on that one!

At Greenbelt 2007 Proost will be relaunching its website and we will use the event to promote and
showcase the UNUSUAL SUSPECTS.

Send an outline of your ideas and a brief biography to
Visit our current website at

PROOST, inspiring new resources that fuel faith.

January 13, 2007

why patronage?

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my main point is to encourage leaders to challenge the rich amongst us to become patrons… artists themselves cannot do it, because it will always sound like begging…
i believe that the church has a responsibility towards the nurture of artists… it should not be optional.
an irritation of mine is that as an artist you are expected to be good at making money… this is not the case for a nurse, a doctor, a teacher, so why an artist? the only reason this can possibly be, is that we simply do not value the role of the artist… do we even understand the point of the artist anymore? if we don’t, then what a poor and dowdy lot we have all become, with few ways of saying anything meaningful to the world at large. this is a serious issue.

putting food on the artists table (patronage)

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this is a comment i put on jonny bakers blog… he said i should blog it, so i have!

if you love money… if you measure success by what you can afford and how many cars, houses and swimming pools you have… don’t become an artist! if, however, you have stuff to say and a creative way of saying it, even if it’s not what the majority wants to here… and if you have a burning need to express yourself creatively and don’t mind having less spending money than your mates, then the artists life is for you!
integrity won’t bring financial reward in itself, neither will the quality of your work.
patronage used to be alive and kicking in the church… sadly, that’s no longer true.
i’m fortunate… i’m making some kind of living being me… and in my professional work i tend to work for causes where the budgets are lower than they would be in the commercial world. sometimes i think, ‘what am i doing… i could be rich!” but mostly i think, ‘no, this is what i choose to do!” i made my decision when i was a bit older than joel (joel is jonny’s son, and wonderfully creative bod!)… i was in my first professional advertising job… and i thought, ‘you know what… other peoples cans of beans are just not important enough to me. that’s not what i care about.’
there were no mentors for me… nobody i knew who’d done the same thing… there was no map… just a kind of god given (i believe) self belief.
i am self employed… but i’m rubbish at business… but why would i be good at it? i wonder how many business people are great at art!
here’s a radical idea. rich people put a portion of their income aside to patronise an artist. all you leaders and ministers out there, challenge the wealthy in your congregation to support someone who has something to say… tell them, they may well see no financial reward for their act, but do it anyway for the good health of everyone!
so much of what we know about the past and the way we were has been given to us by artists, writers, painters, musicians, sculptors etc… do we really only value historical christian artists! if the answer is ‘no’, then it is important that as a christian community we put food on the artists table so that he/she can get on with their calling, as i said above, for the good health of everyone!
are these just the ramblings of a madman, or do i have a point?

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